Herbert Trackman Planetarium

The Herbert Trackman Planetarium is dedicated to continuing its tradition of outstanding astronomical instruction and entertainment. Our planetarium has a 30 ft diameter dome and a new OmniStar Digital planetarium projector. Our planetarium shows feature sky tours with our planetarium projector and PowerPoint presentations on a wide range of astronomical topics.

No Planetarium Shows

There are no planetarium shows scheduled and no field trip availability at this time. Please check back soon.

About the JJC Planetarium

During a typical semester, the public is invited to visit the planetarium in F-Building on the Main Campus of JJC.

Grade school and high school groups are encouraged to schedule special programs that may be presented during the school day. These free, public service programs are tailored to the grade level of students attending the program.

Social and civic organizations also are invited to schedule programs for their members. These programs are available during the day and on Tuesday or Thursday evenings. Reservations are required.