Testing Services

In addition to offering placement testing for students, select certification testing and specialized testing is available for community members.

Testing Services Mission Statement

Testing Services actively participates in Joliet Junior College’s overarching mission to promote lifelong learning by adhering to high standards when facilitating course placement, offering accessible and relevant testing services, furnishing an appropriate and consistent testing environment, providing courteous customer service, and continuously evaluating and improving upon existing policies and procedures. To that end, JJC’s Testing Services adheres to the National College Testing Association Professional Standards and Guidelines, and strives to attain meaningful certifications and credentials.

Please Note: The Testing Services Department will close at 2:00pm on Tuesday, May 31, 2022.

Appointments Required

All testers must have a confirmed appointment before coming on campus to take any test, including placement testing. Review our COVID-19 FAQs, Cleared4 verification system, and on-campus safety measures.

Placement Tests

Do I Need Placement Testing to Take JJC Classes?

It depends. You may be able to bypass placement testing due to JJC's permanent and temporary alternative placement measures (effective Fall 2020 until further notice). In other words, if you have a high enough GPA or ACT/SAT/PSAT score, you may not need placement testing. Please view the charts below.

  • Charts: Find Out If You Need Placement Testing

    ACT and SAT Placement Scores

    Measure Score Placement Registration Term
    ACT English 19+ English 101 or English 130


    ACT/SAT scores are valid for 48 months

    SAT – EBRW 480+
    ACT Math 22+ Math 119, 123, 127, 128, 131, or 138
    SAT Math 530+
    ACT Math 23+ Math 142
    SAT Math 590+

    Temporary Alternative Placement Measures

    Measure Score Placement Registration Term
    ACT English 18 Developmental English Courses: ENG 099 & ENG 021

    Fall 2020 through Summer 2023

    ACT/SAT scores are valid for 48 months

    PSAT scores are valid for 24 months

    SAT – EBRW 460
    ACT Math 19 Developmental Math Course: MTH 098
    SAT Math 460
    ACT Math 22 Meets JJC’s Geometry Requirement (places out of  Math 095)
    SAT Math 530
    ACT Math 28 Math 150, 153, and 170
    SAT Math 660
    PSAT English 480 English 101
    PSAT Math 510 Math 127 and Math 128
    PSAT Math 530 Math 123, 131, and 138
    PSAT Math 590 Math 142
    PSAT Math 660 Math 170
    PSAT 10th and 11th grade only -  Valid for 24 months

    High School GPA

    Measure Placement Registration Term
    H.S. GPA 3.0 Unweighted/Cumulative (Please read important information about using GPA below) English 101

    ALL TERMS (Effective September 1, 2021)

    HS GPA is valid for 48 months

    Math 119, 123, 127, 128, 131, and 138

    Important Information about using high school GPA for English and math placement:

    • Must provide an official transcript with 7 OR 8 consecutive complete semesters AND unweighted/cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher AND successful completion (C or better) in English and/or math in all semesters.
    • JJC will evaluate all official high school transcripts using the unweighted/cumulative GPA at the time of submission. GPA's will not be retroactively evaluated using past semesters.
    • Only total unweighted/cumulative GPA will be accepted. Semester or Yearly GPA will not be accepted.
    • High school transcripts must be sent to the Admissions Office. If you're in high school or are a recent graduate, ask your high school to email these records to admissions@jjc.edu or mail them to:
      Attn: Admissions
      1215 Houbolt Rd
      Joliet, IL 60431


    ***High School GPA will be designated on the student's JJC record using the following codes:

    • GPAE = English
    • GPAM = Math
    • 999 = Meets
    • 111 = Does Not Meet


    Last updated on September 1, 2021.

  • How to Make an Appointment for a Placement Test

    You can request to take a placement test remotely or on-campus. To do so, you must:

    1. Complete steps 1-5 on the Admitted Students page
    2. Submit a Virtual and On-Campus Placement Testing Request form found on the Placement Testing page

Certification & Specialized Testing

You can take any of the following exams on campus at JJC: 

  1. ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Testing
  2. ATI TEAS (Nursing and Allied Health) Testing
    • TEAS tests will take place on-campus only. To take a TEAS test, students must first register with ATI. See our Tests Administered: TEAS page for more information.
  3. CLEP Testing
  4. Illinois Nurse Assistant (CNA) Testing
  5. Pearson VUE Testing (including GED)

Testing Information

  • Hours, Locations, and Parking

    Appointments Required

    All testers must have a confirmed appointment before visiting campus to take any test, including placement testing.


    Hours vary by location. Please review each location below.

    Main Campus 

    Room A-1138 

    • Monday to Thursday
      • 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
      • Testing ends at 7:50 p.m. 
    • Friday
      • 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    • Saturday
      • Virtual Services Only
    • Last test administered no later than one hour prior to closing.
    • Testing Services is closed on Fridays and Saturdays during the summer. 

    Main Campus Parking
    Drive to Building A. Park in lot E1 or E2. No parking pass required.

    Romeoville Campus

    Room RMA-1039

    • Monday to Thursday
      • 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
        • Testing ends at 7:50 p.m. 
    • Friday-Saturday
      • Closed
    • Last test administered no later than one hour prior to closing.
    • Testing Services is closed on Fridays and Saturdays during the summer. 

    Romeoville Campus Parking
    Drive to Building A. Park in lot 1. No parking pass required.

    City Center Campus

    Room JCTR-6002

    • Limited testing. Call for availability.

    City Center Campus Parking

    • Option 1: Park in the JJC Student Parking lot, located at the corner of Benton Street and Chicago Street next to Chicken-N-Spice. To park in this student lot, speak with the JJC Security Officer located at the City Center's front desk. Inform the officer you are completing a test with Testing Services and present photo ID. Once verified, the officer will provide you with a temporary parking pass. Display this temporary pass in your vehicle to prevent receiving a parking ticket. IMPORTANT: the Chicken-N-Spice parking lot is NOT available. Parking there may result in your vehicle being towed or you receiving a parking citation. 
    • Option 2: Use a parking meter. View downtown Joliet parking options.

  • Testing Accommodations

    Request Accommodations

    If you have a documented disability affecting your ability to take a test, you can receive accommodations. Visit our Tests Administered page to learn more about accommodations available for each test.

    Tests Administered Page


    Call JJC Disability Services at 815.280.2230 or email disabilityservices@jjc.edu

    Learn More About Disability Services

  • Testing Guidelines

    All testers must follow these guidelines:

    • Cell phones, iPods, smart watches and all other electronic devices are prohibited. Lockers are available for these items. If a tester is caught with a device, their test may be confiscated and the incident will be reported. The tester may be banned from Testing Services for a period of time.
    • Food and beverages are not allowed. These items must be disposed before entering Testing Services.
    • Backpacks, books, paperwork, electronic devices, hats, scarves and all other personal items are not allowed. Lockers are available for these items. If items do not fit in a locker, they must be stored elsewhere.
    • Coats, jackets or sweaters that button or zip in the front are not permitted. Testers are allowed to wear sweatshirts and sweaters that do not zip or button.
    • Children are not allowed in the testing rooms.
    • Testers must present appropriate photo ID. There are no exceptions to this rule. Individuals without a photo ID will not be allowed to test.
    • Calculators and ear plugs are provided upon request. Note: Calculators are not permitted for all exams. Calculators are not permitted for the ALEKS placement exam (effective Sept. 1, 2019).
    • No tests will begin within one hour of Testing Services' closing.
    • All testers must schedule their exams to allow for enough time to complete testing. For example, if a student has a two-hour exam, the student must schedule accordingly.
    • Exams must be completed in one sitting. The exception to this rule is non-writing placement testing. Testers may complete a section or sections of the test and then take a break.
    • Homework will not be accepted by Testing Services. Testers must make arrangements with instructors to submit homework assignments.
    • If a tester is observed cheating, all testing and unauthorized materials will be confiscated. The Dean of Students, the tester's instructor, institution, company, or test producer will be notified immediately. The tester may be banned from Testing Services for a period of time.
    • Items left in Testing Services will be given to Campus Police.
    • All testers must follow the JJC Student Code of Conduct
    • Mechanical pens and pencils are not allowed. Testing Services will provide standard pencils for testing.
    • All scratch paper and notes are collected at the end of an exam. 


    Last updated August 8, 2019.

  • FERPA Guide for Parents

    Test Scores and FERPA

    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) was designed to:

    • Protect the privacy of a student's educational records
    • Establish the rights of students to review their own educational records

    Once a student turns 18, or attends school beyond high school, parents no longer have the right to access student records. This includes students that are dually enrolled in high school and college. This means that all academic information (GPA, transcript, academic warnings, academic probation or discipline records) regarding your college student goes directly to the student. This also includes test scores and testing information, such as appointment details, testing accommodations and specific test details.

    How to Access to Your Student's Records

    Student must give specific, written permission to have their information released to their parents, guardians, or other individual. For more information about FERPA and resources for students and parents, contact the Student Rights and Responsibilities office.

    See the FERPA Guide for Parents & More

  • Testing Services Staff

    Each staff member of Testing Services is trained to deliver any of the center's hundreds of exams. 

    • Testing Services Supervisor, Vacant
      Office: A-1137
      Phone: (815) 280-2220
      Email: Vacant
    • Miriam Barajas, Testing Specialist
      Office: A-1138
      Phone: (815) 280-2261 or (815) 280-1301
      Email: mbarajas@jjc.edu 
    • Vianney Calderon, Testing Assistant
      Office: A-1138
      Phone: (815) 280-2261
      Email: vcaldero@jjc.edu
    • Cathy Carson, Testing Clerk
      Office: A-1138
      Phone: (815) 280-7785 or (815) 280-7786
      Email: cacarson@jjc.edu 
    • Ian Duda, Testing Assistant
      Office: A-1138
      Phone: (815) 280-2261
      Email: ian.duda@jjc.edu
    • Kim Feigel, Testing Assistant
      Office: A-1138
      Phone: (815) 280-2261
      Email: kfeigel@jjc.edu
    • Brittany Gamboa, Testing Assistant
      Office: A-1138
      Phone: (815) 280-2261
      Email: bgamboa@jjc.edu
    • Maura Lopez, Testing Clerk
      Office: A-1138
      Phone: (815) 280-2840
      Email: mlopez@jjc.edu
    • Merry Majchrowski, Testing Assistant
      Office: A-1138
      Phone: (815) 280-2261
      Email: mmajchro@jjc.edu
    • LaMar Murphy, Testing Assistant
      Office: A-1138
      Phone: (815) 280-6674
      Email: lamurphy@jjc.edu  
    • Tim Nelson, Testing Assistant
      Office: A-1138
      Phone: (815) 280-2284
      Email: tinelson@jjc.edu 
    • Melissa Vicente, Testing Assistant
      Office: A-1138
      Phone: (815) 280-2261
      Email: mvicente@jjc.edu
    • Stephanie Wright, Testing Associate
      Office: A-1138
      Phone: (815) 280-2261
      Email: stwright@jjc.edu

    Last updated December 7, 2021.

  • Scheduled and Unscheduled Closures

    Scheduled and unscheduled events may force Testing Services to close. Please review the links below.

    • Academic Calendar
    • Winter Weather Info
    • Update: Testing Services will now provide placement testing and select certification and specialized testing by appointment only with limited capacity at the Main and Romeoville campuses.